Human Hair enhancement has been used for thousands of years; from clip in extensions to hair pieces – thick, long hair has become a symbol of health, beauty and confidence. These pioneers of human hair extensions have paved the way for today’s hair extensions that are so well known and loved.

Human Hair Extensions in Ancient Egypt 

The ancient Egyptians are responsible for many beauty trends, winged eyeliner and straight glossy locks are still seen on catwalks today. Pharaohs wore wigs, weaves and knots in their hair as a sign of wealth and beauty.  The first extensions were made of human hair, sheep’s wool and vegetable fibre!


 Hair Extensions and Kng Louis XIV  

After losing his hair in his early 20’s, Louis decided to have a wig designed that would give the impression of strength and wealth. The result was the ‘peruke’ or ‘big wig’. The large beehive shaped hair pieces were made of horse hair and wool.  The trend soon caught on amongst the rich and powerful.


Human Hair Extensions and The Victorians 

During this time over 102 tonnes of hair was imported to be made into ‘switches’ – the original clip in hair extensions and doughnut buns. Women used hair enhancement to create lavish hairstyles and shapes.


Hair Extensions in the 1960’s

The 60’s saw the introduction of modern hair extensions to create beehives and Brigitte Bardot’s famous look. The invention of the weave meant that semi-permanent extensions were available. Synthetic hair is still at the height of it’s popularity – although it is available at a low cost, it did not have much lasting power. The synthetic hair trend ran all the way into the 90’s, remember Christina Aquilera’s suspect locks?


Hair Extensions Today

Human Hair Extensions have come a long way since the Egyptians used them. But they remain a crucial part of a woman’s beauty arsenal. The invention of micro ring extensions, nano ring hair extensions and tape hair extensions provide the safest fitting methods ever. Access to ethically sourced human hair extensions led to the most natural looking form of hair enhancement yet. We are able to dye, style and wash extensions.

human hair extensions-remy

Different trends have come and gone over time but the desire for thicker, longer, voluminous hair still remains. May the reign of hair extensions continue!

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