Hair Extensions Consultation Appointments are the start of your hair extensions journey. It is a chance to meet with your technician to discuss your requirements, cost, and colour. Therefore what to ask for is important and should ALWAYS be attended before a fitting.

Hair Extension Consultation Appointments, What Are They?

These meetings are put in place to allow the opportunity to ‘consult’ your technician. During this time you can ask them as many questions as you like, regarding your hair, the fitting, the extensions and so on. It is the best way for your technician to carry out the perfect colour match and advise you on the best suitable method for your hair type. An in-depth Hair Extensions Consultation appointment should last around 15-20minutes.

What Should You Ask During A Consultation Appointment?

First, ask your technician about their background in hair. How long have they been fitting extensions for? How long have they been working in the industry? Do they have proof of their qualifications? We have all heard horror stories about ‘self-taught’ hair extensions technicians do not let someone who is untrained be responsible for the welfare of your hair.

Have you seen their work before? If not, ask to see their portfolio or previous examples of their work. In this day in age, social media acts as most technicians portfolios with Facebook and Instagram pages showing previous clients. Ensure you have seen a picture of what you are having done, this will give you an idea of what the finished result is expected to look like. A small portfolio or lack of photos suggests someone who has recently trained or who has not carried out many installations.

Ask to feel the hair; you will be wearing this hair for many months, so it’s important to know the quality and feel of the hair before the installation. Some mobile technicians will need to order hair after your colour match but ask if they have a sample, even if it’s a different colour to your own. Ensure you ask your technician what type of hair it is, the grade, is it remy and double drawn? Ask your technician to explain the hair to you.

Why is it important to attend a Hair Extensions Consultation?

These appointments are essential for not only your technician but for you too.

Ask your technician about your preparation for fitting. This is an important part of your installation; most professionals will ask you to come with clean, clarified, product free, straight hair. Confirm this preparation at your consultation.

Hair extensions become your responsibility to maintain once fitted. This means developing an effective aftercare routine and keeping up with maintenance appointments. Qualify with your technician how you should wash, brush, dry and care for your hair extensions and decide whether taking on the responsibility of hair extensions is for you.

For more information on consultation appointments, please feel free to contact a member of our team.

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