At one point or another, we have all had a bad haircut. Hair cut too short or layers that don’t blend, the need of a quick hair fix can lead you to search for clip in hair extensions.

What are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Secret Clip In Hair Extensions are wefts of Remy human hair attached using small silicone lined clips. They offer an alternative hair extension system that involves no fitting of rings or bonding. They can be put in at home when needed and removed before washing and bed.

Are clip in hair extensions a good choice for short hair?

Clip in hair extensions are more popular than ever, the product’s high demand has led to developments in natural looking extensions for all hair types. At Secret Hair UK, we have designed a lace weft for our clip in extensions. The lace provides a flexible base for the clips, prevents shedding and is comfortable to wear throughout the extensions for short hair

Secret Clip In Hair Extensions use silicone lined clips that once shut will lie flat against the head – meaning no large clips are poking through the hair. Our clip in hair can be worn in a variety of natural hair lengths and thicknesses, including short hair.

How long should hair be for clip in hair extensions?

Shoulder length hair is the ideal minimum length for easy application of clip in hair extensions. However, with practice – the clip in wefts can be attached ear length hair, which is usually around 6″ to successfully cover the weft and create a seamless blend.

What type of clip in hair extensions should I buy?

It is important to search for high-quality human hair when considering hair extensions. Remy human hair can be styled using heated styling tools and washed like natural hair time and time again. Remy hair extensions will have a longer lifespan that can be worn while the natural hair grows. Secret Hair Extensions use cuticle correct hair the will create a seamless blend when worn to ensure a natural looking effect.

What length should I buy?

The ideal length hair extensions for short hair are 12″-16″, this is because they are easier to blend with shorter hair without looking obvious. It is important to choose a length that isn’t vastly different to your hair to retain a natural effect.

If you require more information on what length or weight is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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