Beautiful wedding day hair has always been a bridal must have. While some opt for short and lovely, the desire to add length and volume is becoming increasingly popular as it creates more potential hairstyles for brides to be. The pursuit for longer, thicker hair makes clip in hair extensions a great option for your big day.

What are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Secret Clip In Hair Extensions are made from French lace wefts of Remy Human hair. The wefts are created in differing widths so that once placed throughout the hair; they will create a natural looking result. They are attached to the hair using small silicone lines clips that lie flat against the head.

Will I be able to wear my hair up with this type of extension?

Yes! Contrary to popular belief hair can be worn up while wearing clip ins. If applied correctly, the wefts and clips should be completely undetectable within the hair. Leave about an inch of your hair around the nape of the neck. Attach the wefts from here, working your way upwards, then use the hair you sectioned from underneath to cover the wefts and clips.


Can I wear my hair in a half up/half down style with this type of extension?

Clip In Hair is perfect for this hairstyle as they give you the luxury of adding as many or as little wefts as desired while still being able to create a hairstyle successfully. Section and clip aside the top layers of your hair, this will be the half up part of your hairstyle. Then with the lower layers, attach the clips – attaching the first weft just above the nape of the neck. Once you have attached as many of the wefts as needed, let the top section of hair down. This leaves you with a clip free section to style, plait and curl as you choose!

clip in hair extensions bridal hair

Are these extensions best for bridal hair?

When it comes to bridal hair there are no best or worst extensions. Each bridal look will be compatible with various methods of fitting. However, clip ins are suitable for most hair lengths and hair types. They are perfect for brides who want longer or voluminous hair without the commitment of fitted extensions; just apply or remove when needed.

For more information or advice on your colour match or length, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.


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