Colour matching hair extensions is essential when wanting to achieve the perfect blend. Doing so can be difficult for those who are not familiar with hair extensions colour shades. Blonde in particularly, as there are so many different shades; from ashy blonde to golden and sun-kissed. Our salons offer a free, no obligation Clip In Hair Extensions colour matching service, however, if you are unable to reach our salons we shall show you how best to prepare your hair and carry out the colour match.

How to colour match Clip In Hair Extensions at home.

To receive a colour match at home, we ask for at least two pictures of your hair. In one photo you should be facing the camera, in the second we ask for a shot of the back of the head. Doing so will allow our team to view your hair from all angles and provide the closest colour match.

How to prepare your hair for a Colour Match?

clip-in-hair-extensions-blonde-hairThere are a few simple rules to follow to successfully receive a colour match via photos.

  • Ensure you take the photo in natural light; this will make for a clearer shot and a realistic depiction of your hair.
  • Shiny hair can reflect the light from a camera flash so make sure to shut down the flash before taking the photo.
  • Make sure your hair is freshly washed and straight. Oily hair or hair containing product can appear darker in a picture. Curly and wavy hair can also cause shadows.
  • Straight hair will allow our team to look at the length, texture and thickness of your hair.

What is the difference between Mixed and Block Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions?

Block blonde colours refer to a shade that is more or less the same colour all over. Our Secret Hair UK block shades include the colours 60A, 613, 18 and 22.

Mixed shades refer to blends of multiple blonde shades such as highlights, lowlights and streaks. Our Secret Hair UK mixed shades include the colours 18/22, 10/18/613 and 10/18.

It is important to remember if you are considering highlights or streaks that this will affect the shade of extensions needed to blend with your hair if you’ve previously bought block colour extensions.

What if I have Platinum Blonde Hair? Can I still purchase extensions?

Blonde clip in hair extensionsYes! For those who heavily tone their hair to almost white, it can be difficult to find the perfect shade. Our lightest shades are 60A and 613. However, these can need toning if too golden against your hair. Please note if you are going to dye or tone your hair, please carry out a strand test beforehand.

We have recently released our Silver Extensions, this shade is just off white and one of the whitest shades available on the market. This colour is perfect for those who like to use silver shampoo or dye their hair grey/silver.

How do I send Secret Hair UK photos of my hair?

To get in contact with a member of our team you can reach us via our contact us page. Alternatively please contact us via our social media pages.

Instagram: @secrethairuk

Facebook: Secret Hair Extensions.

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