Hair extensions are one of the many ways that celebrities achieve big and bouncy hair. Many of us turn to the celebrity hair extensions we see on the cover of magazines and the red carpet for a little inspiration. One of the Queen’s of celebrity hair is none other than Jennifer Lopez.

Why we love JLO’s celebrity hair extensions…

JLO is no stranger to changing the look, length and texture of her hair with a little hair enhancement and hair extensions. Whether it’s short and layered, or long and sunkissed, Jennifer always keeps her locks on trend. We’re here to run through our favourite Lopez looks and show you how you can achieve them at home.

The Top Knot

The twisted top knot is so versatile it will probably never go out of fashion. Dress it up for an event or wear it with your favourite aviators and t-shirt for a girly shopping trip. This a go-to style for those wanting a style that combined edgy with glamour and effortless style.

jennifer lopez celebrity hair extensions
Courtesy of JLO instagram.

To get the top knot at home, all you will need is a comb, a hair tie and a few bobby pins. This technique works best on day old washed hair, as it will better hold the style. Start by tying the hair into a ponytail, secure relatively high as top knots work best higher up on the head. Once secured, backcomb the ponytail slightly, this will make the bun easier to shape. Wind the ponytail around the hair bobble and secure with the bobby pins. For a messier look, pull a few strands of the bun and the top of the head loose. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

The Sleek Ponytail

Having a gorgeous face like Jennifer gives you the luxury of being to wear your hair loose with bangs or pulled back into a sleek, polished ponytail to accentuate her features. This style works well with extensions, particularly with Clip In Ponytails and Clip In Extensions.

celebrity hair extensions jlo hair extensions jennifer lopez hair extensions
Courtesy of JLO instagram.

To achieve this look at home, you will need a curling tong, a comb, hair spray, a hair elastic, bobby pins and hairspray. Start by roughly curling your hair from the mid-lengths to the ends, the looser, the better. Next, using your comb smooth the hair back into a ponytail and secure with the hair tie ensuring all hair is pulled back for a sleek effect. Mist the top of the head with hairspray to prevent any flyaways. Finally, choose a small section of hair from the ponytail to wrap around and cover the hair tie then secure with a bobby pin. Once finished, spritz the lengths with hairspray.

This look is a great modern twist on the classic ponytail, copy JLO and add a pair of statement earrings.


Long, Tousled Waves

JLO is the queen of balayage hair and celebrity hair extensions, we have envied her caramel highlights and sunkissed locks for years. The best way to show off her stunning hair colour is by wearing her hair long, loose and wavy, creating a stylish, sexy but beautiful look.

This style works well with all hair extension types, particularly fitted such as Micro Ring, Nano Ring and Pre-bonded extensions.

To get this look, you will need a large curling tong, a tangle tamer, hairspray, heat protector and a comb.

jlo jenifer lopez celebrity hair extensions
Courtesy of JLO instagram .

Start by completely brushing your hair until smooth using the tangle tamer then spritz with heat protector; we recommend our shake to protect spray. If wanting to add more volume to the hair, start by teasing and backcombing the roots to add height. Then use the tong by holding the barrel vertically and wrap the hair around and away from the face. Continue this process across all of your hair. Once complete, use your fingers or the tangle tamer to brush the ringlets gently into waves. I sometimes like to use a little mousse here to scrunch the hair to create a messier look. Finish with a mist of hairspray.


We’re sure this ultra-cool Mummy will set many more hair trends yet, but for now, these are just a few of our hair favourites. We love you JLO!

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