There are so many curling tools and products available these days. It makes it hard to know exactly which would be best curling tools for hair extensions depending on length and type. We’ve tried almost every type of curling tool out there. We’ve experienced some of the best (and worst) products,  but our eternal favourites have to be curling tongs, wands, figure 8 tongs and hot rollers. There are many other options to try such as Pro-curlers, Cold Rollers, Chopstick Tongs and more. The following have to be our favourite – plus they’re so easy to use!

best curling tools for hair extensions

Curling tongs are best for big voluminous waves, think Victoria Secret model hair! The wider barrels and metal clamp means you wind your hair around the barrel all the way up to the root. A wide barrel creates a bigger curl, making this a brilliant tool for those with fine hair as it will create a full, wide curl and therefore make your hair look bigger, thicker and healthier.

Tongs can also have interchangeable barrel widths, meaning you can customise your curl size – smaller barrels create a smaller curl, larger barrels create a big curl. This tool can be used on both long and short hair, it’s perfect for fine hair – thick hair will curl nicely with this tong but it may take more time to create even waves throughout your hair. If you’re looking to make your hair look BIG but not too curly, this is the curl you need. We’re currently using the THX Total Hair Experts Wave Hello tong, this is a brilliant tong as it is longer than most tongs available meaning it is perfect for my extensions, it’s also very reasonably priced.

best curling tools for hair extensions

Curling wands are thinner than tongs as they have a finer barrel and no metal clamp, this creates a smaller, tighter curl. By using smaller sections of hair you can create a natural looking tight curl instead of a loose, soft effect. Wands are brilliant for medium hair as they can create long lasting curls quickly, they also create a mass of curls in thick hair – but due to using smaller sections, it will take a lot longer to curl thick hair than with a tong.

Because these curls are so tight it will shorten the overall effect, if you have fine hair this may be something to consider – use slightly bigger sections on fine hair if you’re not wanting too tight a curl! So…if you’re wanting long loose curls opt for a tong but if you’re wanting more defined curls – a wand is definitely better. We use a Nicky Clarke Very Curling Wand, again very reasonably priced, however if you have the money to spend T3 wands are brilliant!

best curling tools for hair extensions

Heated Rollers are by far our favourite tool for curling. Why? Because they’re so quick and easy!! You simply roll your hair on to the roller, attach with the clip – while they’re cooling in the hair, Do your make up and by the time you’re finished, they’re ready to take out and reveal big gorgeous swooping curls! Rollers give a really loose curl which we love. Rollers are great for all hair types, although with long or thick hair you may need more then one pack to make sure you can curl all of your hair. They’re also great for creating volume at the root, if your own hair is naturally very soft and flat, rollers are a great way to make  hair look voluminous and ‘poofy’ at the roots without backcombing. Our roller recommendations are the Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers or The O Rollers by Cloud Nine.

We hope this post has given you a little insight into which tool you need for which hair type,  These tongs are in our opinion the best curling tools for hair extensions. Remember if wearing clip ins, you can curl your extensions the night before you need them which is super handy!

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