When you see the phrase ‘baby hair extensions’ you will probably be giggling at the thought of babies wearing long hair pieces. Whereas the reality of baby hair extensions is much more exciting.

What are Baby Hair Extensions?

‘Baby’ hair extensions refer to extensions used for fine hair or baby fine hair. Not all extensions have to be long and thick. For clients who want to keep their length but add some texture to thinning areas, this is a great option. Fewer strands are generally used to frame the face and create a ‘fuller’ look without the weight.

How are Baby Hair Extensions fitted?

This method is typically fitted with Micro Ring or Nano Ring Hair extensions. These methods are safer for natural hair, they require no heat or glue and therefore put less tension on the client’s hair. Each strand of extension is attached to a section of the client’s hair then clamped shut. The process of flattening the ring is what keeps the extensions in place.

How long do the extensions last?

Once fitted, the hair will need re-clamping with new rings every 6-8 weeks however the hair should last for months with an excellent aftercare routine.

Are Baby Hair Extensions the right method for you?

This is an excellent choice if you have fine hair that sheds or fine hair around your face. Not all hair types can hold the weight of a full head of extensions. However just a few extensions can still totally transform your look. Speak to one of our hair extension specialists to see where would be the best place to fit the extensions in your hair.

These are just some of our clients who have used this method to enhance their hair.

baby hair extensions

baby hair extensions 2

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