What are Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

Pre bonded hair extensions, otherwise known as fusion bonded extensions are one of the most well-known techniques available on the market. One of the oldest methods available, it is still popular amongst hair extension technicians today, even with the development of newer methods such as micro rings and wefts.

There are several names for this process; Pre-Bonded, Nail Tip, U-Tip and Flat Tip. However, all refer to the same method of fitting. The name ‘Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions’ is derived from the pre-tipped keratin bond at the top of each strand, the hair has been bonded previously rather than using loose hair during a fitting.

Pre-bonded extensions are fitted using a heat gun, which melts the small keratin bond to a section of the client’s hair. Once melted the keratin is rolled between the technician’s fingertips to ‘fuse’ and cool into a solid bond.

As with all extensions types, this method comes with it’s set of advantages and disadvantages.

pre bonded hair extensions
Pre Bonded Hair Extensions refer to the ‘tip’ at the top of each extensions strand.


The Advantages of Pre Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions:

  • Will add length and volume to hair.
  • Can be customised to match or enhance the client’s hair colour. Individual strands mean a mix of colours can be used to add highlights and lowlights.
  • This method does not require the maintenance appointments that other fitting techniques do. Meaning no maintenance costs which is a bonus to those on a budget. If worn for some time, ‘top up’ appointments are arranged, during which bundles of new strands added to thicken the overall look.
  • Pre-bonded hair extensions should last for around 4-6 months with effective aftercare.

The Disadvantages of Pre Bonded Hair Extensions.

  • The application of this method requires heat to melt and fuse the bonds to the hair, whereas other methods require no heat or whatsoever.
  • The removal differs from other methods also. Removal requires an Acetone solution to break down the bonds to remove. The use of heat and a chemical solution can be harsh on natural hair. Ensure always to visit a professional for extension application and removal.
  • Unlike other hair extensions methods, the hair cannot be used more than once; care must be taken when brushing as if the strands are pulled out due to rough brushing they cannot be reinserted.
  • No maintenance appointments mean that as time goes on the strands may feel ‘grown down’, take care when brushing by supporting the strands at the root and brush with the other hand. Doing so, will help the hair and prevent slippage. It is normal to lose strands from time to time if worn for an extended period of time, book a top-up appointment if wanting to thicken up.
  • Keratin is not invincible, heat and product should be used lightly around the bonds. Heat can melt the bonds and cause them to slip and even fall out, so as with all methods take care with straighteners and tongs to avoid damage. Equally, a product such as a conditioner or an argan oil can break down the keratin causing them to become ‘squishy’ and loose. Only apply conditioner or moisturising products to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to avoid lubricating and damaging the bonds.
  • Some clients report that this method feels the least ‘natural’ of all the ways due to the stiff, hard bonds and the roots of their hair.

We hope this provides you with some insight into pre bonded hair extensions.

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